Sneak Peak at Mt. Burangrang Crest

Tuesday(22/12), as the dawn began to break, I and three others ( Iqbal, Idris, and Maul) were preparing some stuff to be carried; sleeping pad, hugger, jacket, outfit, etc. Packs full of gear were carried, and right 9.00 am, one by one came to the meeting point at the entrance of Saraga, ITB.


Idris, Maul, and Iqbal. (left-right)

Just after we gathered, we did a brief checklist to make sure the essential items for this adventure were available. As we decided before, this was a short hike, hence we brought minimal setup items, one man brought the 75 L backpack consisted the 4 person tent whilst others only 40 L backpack.


This is not a fashion statement. Use your proper outfit to protect your own. (v)

We arrived in the starting point at Legok Haji, Cisarua, Cimahi by the 11.30am. Then, we parked our motorcylces at one of the local house and filled the attendance list. Filling your name on it was necessary in case you  lost in the wild.

We did searching about the course before and reason why we chose Legok Haji course to tug, simply it was the fastest one compared to others. As we knew Komando Course would not often availble because of a military training ground there and Ngamprah Course would be a different city. We began the adventure at 12.10 right after dzuhur prayer.

Fast comes with consequences, there is no free force. The quicker the course, the more steep land will await. Fyi, Legok Haji course is a never ending ascending path and there was no bonus such as the flat surface to walk. Yes that sure, all of my friends had to stop for every 10 minutes walk to inhale a lot of fresh air. Lucky me, I have been training for almost 6 months with run, run and, trail run thus the physical fatigue barely to come. So, I suggest you to do some exercises before planning to hike, 1-2 months in advance, in order to get an efficient journey.


A Little Climb.

As we entered the forest, the deeper we went through, the more wild we found the trail. The downpour stroke the forest by yesteday and left the wet and slippery land. I fell often as my trail running shoes couldn’t handle the good traction in those conditions. So I ended with mud covering my pants. Thanks god I’m still alive.

Finally after hike for slightly over 3 hours, we reached the Mount Burangrang Summit. Two others member were left behind, while I and Iqbal came first at the top. You can get the data on my garmin fenix2, I recorded in case you need it and want to know the course.


Welcoming Summit Monument.

The misty mountain was waiting while I resting my legs and the backbone, just sat on the ground beside the summit monument and still couldn’t believe for what I did. The 2000 meters summit tastes like 3000 meters for this course, indeed.


Spread the Tent.

And the rest of adventure, we spent on this summit. We slept and woke by the breezy air in the dawn. The moments were seized, captured to every bytes data. Sunrise was about to appear, the cold air wasn’t a real barrier to wake from a laziness. Until the dawn was over, we tried to please our mind once again, sleep was the best option among others.

Wednesday(23/12), we woke at 7.00 and decided to get back as soon as possible, as our foods were very limit. The downhill course didn’t take a lot of time, it spent only 2 hours. But, the burden heavier than before as gravity pull  down everything you had and forced my legs to hold firmly the mass. Also the slippery land was an inevitable, rose and fell the body of ours to struggle this course. Once again, Hamdulillah we did it.

So, see ya in the next adventure.







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