In the Wake of the Crimson Eyes

Yeah, the final exam has just finished. The sickening exam ever, the burden, pressure, and heart breaking moment accumulated within the exam weeks. Thanks God, finally I could pass it. Last, rest of it, May the force be with me.

Actually, last week(12/12) I got my first Sigmun show ever. After 4 years the band was established, I just couldn’t hold a chance to watch ’em, poor me. But, I did follow the band since the band’s name was LOUD and saw their first perform at the LA Lights Indiefest Audition.


Ticket to Sigmun Pilgrimage.

Ok, back to concert. The venue took a place at IFI Bandung. As usual the drizzle stroke the city just before concert, remaining a typical smell and cold that only bandung people could understand. Arriving at venue, pack  of lads were in the same gesture, black-ish outfit wating for the venue to be opened. And around 7:15 pm, the venue was opened.

Adrian Adieotomo, The King of Indonesian Delta Blues unbolted this concert. I don’t really into the king, just enjoying him playing the 30’s resonator guitar while metal-slider dancing on his strings, and skilfull techniques indeed.

Just after the king play, the foursome entered the stage. Haikal Azizi a.k.a Kajem worn the gamis outfit, the real preacher whose a lot of follower this night and opened the their acts with In the Horizon, the first list from the album. All of sudden the echo and nuance filled the venue entirely, what a devout night.


The Preachers had a podium. (ps. sorry for blurry img, I had been mesmerizing since the beginning)

The second song, Vultures. The incredible riff with only got by a magic that could come along with a particular voice. Next, most awaited song, Devil in Disguise this night. Bob Edrian from Kaitzr also the former Loud guitar player, played an anesthetic part of his guitar along this song. All the venue couldn’t stop bang their head to follow the General Pratama Kusuma Putra hit.

An overly distorted bassline firstly appeared in The Summoning, Mirfak Prabowo led the song with the patience and anger line, followed by the lick of meditteranean sound to complete these surreal things along since the beginning of concert.

After The Summoning, there is The Gravestone. Stoner, heavy duty songs, usain bolt’s pace, blown away Tama, no comment, that was madness. You should heard it. Back to the oldest songs, the numbers such Valley of Dream, Land of Living Dead, and Bones gave to all audience to fulfilling sigmun pilgrimage.


Sigmun wakes the crimson eyes.

For almost two hours course with all Crimson Eyes songs were carried and the old songs, ended by The Long Haul. They are the sign of the heavy duty rock preacher revival. Forget floyd, ledzep, sabbath, and enough hear sigmun for a while because they are the most notably band and Crimson Eyes is The best album of this year.


We Wa Wo, We Wa Wo.

Overall, I really enjoy the night, thanks Sigmun and every lad who came. rock! haha.


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