Making the Acoustic Panel

Hello everybody, hope you are good.

So last week I got a chance to build my own acoustic panel  based on my knowledge that my lecturer gave me in acoustic engineering class and also Youtube-Guru for the inspiration. Actually my friend asked me to build kind of acoustic treatment as the event ITB Insight 2015 would be held on Nov, 28th. The panel itself was placed inside the “Bilik Jeritan” for that event.

Talking about Bilik Jeritan, was a room where you could scream out loud without hesitation and also been measured for the sound level meter (dBA). So it was like screaming competition whose the highest sound level meter measured, that would be a winner. Fyi, the winner for this event, could attain around 87 dBA, as a reference someone who speech would reach 70dBA.

Before this hands on experice, I would like to share about the design making. I, also with my friend designed and chose all materials and shape(length and width) of the panel. For materials, we bought a big roll of glasswool, width almost 1.4m, thick 2.5cm and fabric. The reasons why we combined those two materials were, the glasswool could handle the noise from low frequency and fabric as porous material could attenuate the high frequency. That’s why this combination could cut the needless frequency off from the “Bilik Jeritan” as the human voice characteristic is very sensitive at 700-1kHz. Last, the panel were build from a thin wood with rectangular shaped (1 x 1.5 m2).


Big Roll of Glasswool: being cut

Back to diy acoustic panel, the following tools would be useful enough for make this panel

  1. Scissor
  2. Tailor’s Ruler
  3. Marker
  4. Staple Gun (Essential part)

And Materials

  1. Glasswool
  2. Wooden Panel
  3. Fabric

First thing first is Niat’. Then you have to decide your own design for the wooden panel, sure, it depends on your room size.


Wooden Panel with a little triangular-shaped barrier


After you measure your glasswool based on your wooden panel, then you could try to cut it out, tip is cut wider than your wooden panel size in order the staple gun could work smoothly to stick the glasswool into the panel. And I warn you to use your gloves,mask, and cover your all body with your clothes while playing woth rockwool, as my experienced the materials could make you itch for almost two days and the worst thing is the material could be very dangerous for your respiration when it inhale.


Glasswool marked and ready to cut

Then cut it out the glasswool, after that put the glasswool inside your wooden panel. I put about two layers glasswool, so it has 5cm thick. After you put inside the wooden panel, stick the glasswool with the staple gun to the wooden panel.


Naked Acoustic Panel

And Finally you can cover your panel with the fabric using the staple gun. Try to cover all the front facade and make sure that you cover tightly.

Here it is the Acousti Panel…

Try yourself build one at yout home, comment below if there is a question, obstacle, or anything.


Acoustic Panel


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