What a Month

Hello everyone, as usual every week I will try to make a writing whether it is good or bad, just keep trying to be better.

So let’s take to another story about my trail run race that had just been held on the end of October, just few days ago. Zinc Trail Run, I ran for about 12.5Km and the result was not so bad, I took 1:32, also got my finihser medal. Still need some improvement and need a lot of training, especially the hilly track.

Now, I am entering my rest schedule, this week, spending my time without any training to recover my legs and feet. The after effect of the race, I got my calf muscle bruised due to the extreme hill course and also the steep downhill forced my muscle to work extra hard. Nowadays, eat harder and recover faster.

After Race

After Race

We step aside to another experience a week ago. I got a chance to compete in Simulation and Modelling Competition held by Computational Sciences student of Telkom University. I worked along with the other great members, to solve the tank problem. Voila! We got first winner at that category after defeat the host university representative. Hamdulillah.



Last but not least, another Hamdulillah moment, I always thought that every effort has own goal, kind of unique rule, so if you can’t reach one goal just make it to another goals. After many refusal within this year to join the internship, summer program, research program and many more (almost 10 apllications), Allah has another plan for me to go upcoming year (January,2016) to Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) for student internship program to take a glimpse at government research university. About 41 days I will live in Nomi, a city near Kanazawa which is located in Ishikawa Perfecture. Thank you, also to anybody who read this, actually peopole living in japan, we should meet.hha



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