Final Year’s Project

It’s been a while since last month, been busy a couple weeks ago to do some research framework for my final year’s project aka tugas akhir. My project will be based on the computational method on the properties of material, so I will play with some calculation softwares based on ab-initio study, the approximation method on quantum chemistry. Yes, if you focus on what I tell you above, it said computational, means that I will need a computer, what kind of computer? the very fast one and my lab does it.

Well, honestly I’ve been struggling with these kind of new things, since my department is Engineering Physics didn’t give a deep insight over my three years backward concerning this particular thing. And the rest of year, I’ll devote to some new understanding that worth to explore referring to my final year’s project. hehe

Yes, it’s Hydrazine, but what kind of hydrazine is a very big scope to discover, then I chose Direct Hydrazine Fuel Cell(DHFC) as my topic. Specifically, calculation of the adsroption material on its catalyst. I am not going to tell you about the nitty gritty here because I haven’t got it, still learning, hard pace. But, every milestone that I pass, sure I will tell it here.

Yes, talk about hydrazine(N2H4), it’s a inorganinc compound that used to be a fuel for jet propulsion rocket engine and NASA use it. Read “The Martian” Novel and I asssure the author will explain the hydrazine more clear than I am and the way he tell you is more hilarious.  Fyi, what a coincidence, when I first got a topic about hydrazine and I was reading The Martian then I got a lot of inspiration to do this project. Thanks Andy Weir for bring the complexity of NASA’s things as a simplicity the science of laugh.haha.

Last but not least, Congratulation to PERSIB as a Champion of Piala Presiden after beat Sriwijaya FC with 2-0. #persibJuara #JuaraDeui #persibJuaraGBK #persibjuaraAingIrahaKawin? ah geus ah. Yu ah bray, si yu.


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