Keeping Your Log

Hello again college life. Yes, it’s been two weeks my college journey has been started again and being a final year student means that you have to finish your credits as soon as possible, haha sorry, I meant, you have to master your engineering skill tha have been obtained for the last three years and use your abilitiy to design and apply for the last engineering project.  Okay case closed, hope I could do the best for my final year which I chose Computational Material for my undergraduate tittle.amiin.

What I want to share is Log, anything log. Log is official record, official means created by yourself. For every particular activiy, better if you have a log. In my experience, log could be very helpful, I could use my log to improve anything you want based on the record, also knowing how fast you move on every project and so on. One thing that stick in my mind when writing the log, I ought to be better than before, motivate yourself for every word you note.

Recently, I finished my half marathon(21.05K) run and as I a mention above, log had help me a lot. Since I had a target for finish my 5k run, then I write the result of my train everyday, thanks to logger app that also contributed for all my training. Then succeed beat the 5K, I trained more and logged more, I learnt from the distance, pace, time, and heart rate and now I am still doing some training to compete at Full Marathon(42K) race and my log is keeping busy to track every mile I step. If yesterday I trained only 3 km with pace 5.5/km, tomorrow I will sprint 3 km for 5/km. That’s the point of being motivated, once you have accomplished the target, don’t get glued, move on, be better be.

Also, I have been doing a project called Angklung Synthesizer that I wrote the log specifically on my journal. All achievements and obstacles have been written on it. So keep your log, and stay motivated!


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Semua yang ada didalam tulisan ini, semata-mata saya tulis karena saya senang menulis.
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