Whether It is Good or Bad, No Quit!

I always believe anom says, ” being kind of healthy is a choice, but being kind of fit(in tip-top condition) is more essential.”. It is simply sometimes we will face the uncertain conditions where we ought to gear up all soul and body, ready for every challenge, condition, and so on. What I want to share with is about the body fitness that sometimes we neglect it and worst become a body without pilot.

I have just finished my own challenge, to defeat a cowardness of my thought, and then voila!!! I could beat a 10k running challenge with 1:20. I think to finish a 10k run is not only about being good shape in the body but also the mental readiness to hammer the obstacles. Almost 2 months I have prepared, it’s quite long enough compare to other preparation based on beginner athletes or entry level runners, merely conquering ourself is hardest part of your life as the noble man said.

Well, honestly I’ve been struggling with the yoyo weight loss. Since I graduated from the senior school which I live there for 3 years, controlling the appetite is as hard as rock.haha. Home gives me everything, my mother is a best cook I’ve been ever lived whom I learn a lot cook tricks and recipes from her. That’s the reason why it seems difficult to maintain my weight in what people called ideal.

Experience sometimes is being abused by the owner of it, we sometimes pay little attention on what we have done before and just follow desire of fullness. As I did gym two year ago and ended with the same pattern as I did before gym. I spent almost one year on gym, times answered the abundance effort and I succeeded to loss my weight until 130 lbs from 160 lbs, finally i finished the target to become an ideal weight man which had a swollen body.hehe.

Unfornately, laziness happened afterward,  the tedious activity called OSJUR took my time and effort from gym life, haha. So I rarely exercised moreover I stopped a gym life. Yes, a year after, my weight went back, gradually increased every month. But, at this time I just did the meal plan and limit every meal that came to my gut. Owing to the fact that our body is a resilience and lack of antibodi because the detoxin effect of workouts harness, I got Typhosa, twice in a month, and bed rest for almost 5 weeks in the end of semester when at that time many last project on the campus. So I think, what’s the best deal with my body is to have an exercise at least once/week.

Since our city, Bandung is majored by the coolest major ever, as cool as people in Manhattan or Groningen who use their bike/bicycle for commuting activities, dress on–worn coat. Therefore, I decided to buy a brand new bike with the assist of my saving account at that time and considered to try daily exercise, bike to campus. yeaah!!

For now, still the cycling and running activities could handle the exercise of the body, as I usually mantain the target for every activities in order to get what you want to be. I have came along 100km cycling two months ago and also finished 10k running around the street and yes, i barely want to come to gym but let’s see another occasion since the gym give you a bill for every month.

Yes finally, keep mantaining your body health and become a fit person!


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Semua yang ada didalam tulisan ini, semata-mata saya tulis karena saya senang menulis.
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