Journal (mid 2014-mid 2015)

About a year ago since the last greeting was posted on July 27, this journal has never been touched anymore even peeked to see how many the visitors or the journal I follow and so on, hehe.

Sweet and sour happened a year backward. Visited Japan for the first time and lived there for almost 2 months still the greatest, without preservatives experience that I have ever been.  Then, almost go to Germany to do internship this summer, yet the visa problem detained the occasion to go abroad and always Allah shows the way. I did intern with the greatest project with my colleagues, interfacing the ADC instrument with Embedded Linux Friendly Arm. Actually this project was similiar to the project of Germany Company would give me if I do the praktikum there and yes it was different path but still the best chance to learn. 

The recent project is continuing our senior project, Angklung Synthesizer (Klunger). It will be very long script if I explain here, but for the thought is how angklung can be made digitally with the little single board computer and Alhamdulillah funded by Our Ministry of High Education with the PKM programme and still being reviewed to compete in PIMNAS 28, for those who read this, pray for the best yes my friends! Also a year ago was a full of refusal, made ten applications for summer school, exchange, internship, and so on, yet none had been granted, peace, easy, still a tiny pieces of paper, a negligible efforts compared to the jobseeker nowadays. Grateful my friends, all the best for ya.

Starting this month, during my holiday I’ve been cooking for pupils, helping my family’s business in food and catering. Choosing the best menus for the best shot of the day is also my duty every morning, while the others collecting the fresh veggies and meats, 8-11 am. Something about cook is the joyful experience, something about mix, balance, and time. You could try it!

Last, congratulations to all my friends who just finished their undergraduate program at their home universities and for those who struggle to finish the near end program, godspeed! And yes eventually, This journal can be a little bit different fot the next writing, I will try to share the experience for being a engineering student. Stay tuned and be humble for knowledge


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Semua yang ada didalam tulisan ini, semata-mata saya tulis karena saya senang menulis.
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