Bandung’s Mass Transportation Forecasting

Starting from deserted regency in 1811, Bandung were planned as resting city that could accommodate 400.000 citizens only. That was reflected from the width of streets which is relatively narrow and 75% of them are local streets. And the time pass by, Bandung has developed as a crowded city. The city that had area 8.098 ha is continuous to undergo the expansion of area and nowadays has rapid expansion of area to become 17.000 ha with the 2.5 million citizens. Annually, the amount 2, 5 million is still growing with the number 10%.  In Addition, the city that named for “Intelligent City” because of their good plan has become a city that has many functions, from a center governmental, education, trading, industry and tourism. It implies the rapid growth of people are not coming along with the growth of the area .These are the realities faced by the local government and also the citizens within. If we cannot afford those problems in the future, Vice Mayor of Bandung, Ayi Vivananda said, “In 2031, Bandung’s mass transportation could be paralyzed.”

That quote makes sense enough with the reason that nowadays in Bandung, the total of vehicles has reached 1.2millions vehicles that consist in two different vehicles, the one is motorcycle with amounts 800.000 and the last is car with amounts 400.000. And that amount compounded with the migrant people that work or live in Bandung with the number 200.000 vehicles. The net total is 1.4millions vehicles that could be found in Bandung.

Nevertheless, the growth of the road infrastructures are less growing now. You can imagine the distance for every car is 5 meters and you can multiply it with the amount of  200.000 cars. And fantastically, the length of those cars are longer than the streets that spreaded in Bandung itself. That is no wondering, when we see every morning and afternoon, the traffic jams always happen in many roads and that is disturbing the citizens because they spend much of their time in streets doing nothing.

Many plans that the government has given, one of the solutions is to build a Building Robot Parking. The building predicts can reduce the vehicles parked on the side of the streets, and also widen the width of road-the side that can be used for car driving. The others plan that the Vice Governor, Yusuf M. Effendy said, “A glance from investor about monorail in Bandung is attracting enough, but we still asses the best probability in order to make the best decision,” He added,”quite a lot of investors, local and abroad, that have been explored to invest in the provision of mass public transportation in Bandung.” However, he admitted that he remains cautious in such investment. ” Obviously we do not want mass transportations project in West Java’s fate will be the same as the monorail project in Jakarta which eventually abandoned,”

However, there is no concrete solution from our government about these problems except placing the police in every point of jam in every morning. It’s like the classic solution, but useless. Furthermore the best solution comes from orselves;to use our public mass transportation, such as Angkot, Bus, and Taxi. That is he best way from us to reduce the increasing amount of private vehicles.

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