Light on, shine on, fade out, yeah it’s you.
Build up, break up, and our story is everlasting.
From every mistake that i did before, i beg you forgive.
I knew my words of my selfishness sometimes slice your heart

I just want to say goodbye, but this is not farewell
that can apart us.
Just realize.
What we have stepped before, it was a little sand on shore.

Started, ended,
and i thought that would be great if there’s no end.
But my weak can’t change the fate
like painting skies in green or leaves in blue.


About jurnalazi92

Semua yang ada didalam tulisan ini, semata-mata saya tulis karena saya senang menulis.
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  1. hasyim says:

    yooo, semangat….

  2. edo6awachan says:


  3. naso says:

    hoi hoi ihsanaa..
    gue tunggu “axivic sayang” ini dijadiin lagu 😀

  4. jurnalazi92 says:

    @naso mungkin entar ya stelah urusan perkuliahan smua slesai
    @suci makasih

  5. sandra says:

    semangat, semangat, semangat!!!!
    lanjutkan! 😀

  6. Boss says:

    Nice work bang! A long way road has made you so much inspiration, especially the epic time you had. Please, make it real! Haha, curious to hear it.

    *Unfortunately, there are some grammar mistakes to be fixed. 😀

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